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Free Lunch Friday Hunt Four

Location : Loring Park, Minneapolis


Broiled on a flattop with care,
Bite into it if you dare;
Iconically oozy,
This one's a doozy—
The Twin Cities' signature fare!

Our meaty MacGuffin lies
By a lake of nominal size;
Ignite and combust,
Then rise from the dust—
And follow your nose to the prize!

Pick up your lunch for free
At the gateway to victory;
Two-hundred degrees
Of molten hot cheese—
They've got it down to a T!

Secure this scrumptious sample
On southside parkland ample
By finding the relevance
Of stags and elephants,
Where fish swim and turtles trample!

So hurry to find where it's at,
But keep the spot under your hat
For Burger-rama—
Thanks, Obama;
Pull up a seat where he sat!

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