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Fish Frenzy Medallion Hunt

The 2023 Fish Frenzy Medallion was found shortly after the release of clue seven by Mike Nowak who was teamed with Steven Saftner. They took home the $400 prize after solving the clues, which led them to a small peninsula within Edgewater Park in Woodbury where the medallion was tossed in the water and connected with fishing line to a coozie fishing reel, which was hidden on shore underneath two large branches that made an "X" shape


Clue One

“Place” was meant to give an early hint at “Edgewater Place” one of the two closest roads to the hiding spots 

“Cove” was a double meaning for “Edgewater Cove” a street on the medallion side of the park, as well as the medallion being hidden at the outskirt of a cove in the park 

“Borders” was a hint at the park name “EDGEwater” 

Clue Two 

“Reddish rocks” was a hint at the name “Red Rock Township” which use to consist of modern day Newport and Woodbury 

“Settled south and east” was taken directly from the Woodbury Heritage Society website which mentions that the first settlers in the area settled south and east of Colby Lake 

“It’s a beast” suggested that on google maps, there would be a lot of area available to search 

“Never coined” meant that the medallion would be hidden in a way never used before

Clue Three 

“Take care of that smile….mile” was Smiles Plus dental care business just east of the park and the medallion 

“Outskirts” was meant to suggest EDGEwater park 

“View and Place” were both Edgewater streets east of the park, with the medallion being hidden between those two streets 

“Ace.. or ..alleyoop” was the basketball court as well as tennis courts at the park 

Clue Four

“Hat and Middle” referenced John McHattie and John Middleton, two of the first founding fathers of Woodbury 

“Vegetation emergent” was a hint at the location of the medallion. On the DNR website of Colby Lake, there are areas marked with “emergent vegetation”. The medallion was hidden next to one of these areas 

“Where fish keep their money” meant the medallion was hidden in the “bank” of the shore 

Clue Five

“City of royalty” was Woodbury, home of the Royals 

“Tip” meant the tip of a peninsula where the fish was hidden 

“A storm…fade away” and “shelter” are lyrics from The Rolling Stones song “Gimme Shelter” hinting that you should search in the rocks 

“Caped” meant to search near a cove in the lake 

Clue Six 

“Traditional mark” meant you’re looking for an “X”, specifically an X made of two large branches near the water, which the medallion was under 

“Matter..divided” meant to look where water and land met 

“Edge” for Edgewater Park 

“Entwined” was a subtle hint that the fish was hooked on fishing line 

Clue Seven 

“Berried bush” was another hint at Woodbury, as well as a bush bearing berries right next to the final hiding spot 

“Under the bough, near head of the prow” meant you were looking for branches at the tip of a peninsula 

“Exact..formation” meant you were looking for an “X” shape



Pass under the berried-bush, give the branches a push

As you get close to the final location

Peep under the bough, near head of the prow

Made of an exact and treasured formation.


Make a withdrawal along mossy shore, under traditional mark you will score

Walking sticks or tools won’t aid with the find.

Your instrument will be provided, where matter has been divided

Walk the mucky trail at the edge to treasure entwined.


Travel to a city of royalty, walk to the tip and look loyally,

Search above and along the lake.

A storm threatens life today, ensure not to fade away,

Caped under shelter a fish will wake.


Don your thinking Hat, search the Middle plat

Vegetation emergent within the lake.

Where fish keep their money, if you’re feeling punny

A hiding spot that’s almost opaque.


Take care of that smile, don’t even walk a mile

Along the outskirts of the loop.

The view at this place, will light up your face

Smash an ace or toss an alleyoop.


Reddish rocks, moss beneath your socks


Reveal two cities once conjoined. 


They settled south and east, on paper its a beast 


Hidden in a way never coined. 


Drive to a place, then park and pace


At a historical area on a lake.


Carve the cove to find the trove


You won’t need a stick or a rake.

Brand new borders in this year's hunt 

Provide fresh challenges for our stunt. 

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