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Location : Excelsior Commons, Excelsior 


It's time to blaze westward trails
To the tony side of the rails;
We've got you covered
To move ever upward
And put the wind in your sails.

The park is no longer amusing,
But watercraft keep on cruising,
So navigate straight
To the Empire State
For a luncheon of your choosing!

As you head off on your way,
Enjoying this beautiful day,
Search all around
For common ground—
And a lovely view of the bay.

Just pick a bench from the bunch
To play your treasure hunch—
And find the fish
To win the dish:
A fresh-caught, sunny shore lunch!

Frank was a heck of a guy,
Whether angling or learning to fly—
So we bequeath
What's underneath
To the spirit in the sky.

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