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Location: Jack Ruhr Field, Miesville 


Meet your treasure hunt quota
In the rural fields of Dakota
For a bleacher seat
And a bite to eat—
A real taste of Minnesota!

Your lunchtime treasure slumbers
Just past the lights and lumbers
Where back in the day,
Johannes would play—
Swapping scoreboard numbers.

Track our hiding spot down
And aptly wear the crown
With a glut of varieties
To reach all satieties—
The best damn burgers in town!

Knock in the game-winning run
For a victory, well and hard won,
At a field of dreams
For town ball teams—
Established in '61.

So hustle to make the haul,
And smack the hide off the ball;
Going back, back, back...
It's a Ruthian jack—
Over the center field wall!

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