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About Fish Frenzy

What is Fish Frenzy? 

- Fish Frenzy is a Minnesota-based, nonprofit treasure hunt that provides multiple different medallion hunts throughout the course of each year within various counties in Central Minnesota. Established in 2022, Fish Frenzy joined in on the summer (and winter) "mock hunts" of the Pioneer Press Winter Carnival Medallion Hunt. On any given day after the Pioneer Press steps down from the pedestal, there's a good chance there's a city festival medallion hunt currently in session. However, it is known that despite some large prizes here and there, some of the city hunts can be a bit of a let down in terms of clue meanings, hiding locations, restrictions on "outsiders"...ect. However, there are a few independently created hunts out there that aim to tease, please, and make you search until you fall to your knees. Fish Frenzy aims to do just that in the best way possible, with an added twist here and there.

How does it work?

- For each hunt, there will be anywhere from one to twelve clues. If solved correctly, the clues will lead to a specific location where something will be hidden on public land within a given search area for you to find. The prize for the twelve clue annual hunt will be at least $300 each year and smaller quests will cash out around $50. If asked to register for a hunt, all registration fees would go to the winner of that specific medallion hunt so the more registrations, the bigger the prize for the winner. If you choose to search unregistered, you may not win the full amount and any extra cash would automatically go towards the next annual hunt or small quest.

Annual Medallion Hunt

- Each year there will be a twelve clue hunt. This hunt is the main Fish Frenzy attraction as it will have the biggest reward ($300 minimum) for the lucky sleuth that manages to crack the clues. Historically this hunt begins around mid-September so you can expect to experience peak Minnesota weather and beautiful blends of fall colors.

Smaller Quests 

- At any point in time before or after the Annual Fish Frenzy Medallion Hunt, smaller quests may arise at random or as scheduled. These hunts historically have been one clue leading to a public location where a medallion is hidden, along with smaller tokens that may give a bonus clue for the location of the medallion. If you find a quest medallion you could win a minimum of $50. The prize for the smaller quests will increase based on difficulty (whether that be a tougher-than-normal clue to solve or a devious hiding spot). No registration will ever be required for a smaller quest.

Universal Fish Frenzy Rules

- These should be pretty self-explanitory, then again common sense still avoids millions of people per day so here we are. The general rules that pertain to each hunt presented by Fish Frenzy are: You will never have to destroy public or private property to find an item. You will never have to walk on private land in order to find anything hidden by Fish Frenzy. Do not leave garbage or trash behind when you're searching. Don't search in an area that would put you or someone else's safety at risk. If you have to think twice about a certain spot, chances are good you won't find what you're looking for. Be kind and courteous to fellow hunters or animals that you encounter. Obey all park or public land rules when hunting. Failure to follow these easy and simple rules may result in the cancellation of the hunt. Finally, and most importantly, remember to have as much fun as you can, which is the ultimate goal that Fish Frenzy wishes to provide.


Fish Frenzy is not responsible for any injuries sustained while hunting. Fish Frenzy is also not responsible for any stolen, lost, or broken items that occur while searching for a medallion.

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