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Medallion Hunt One - September 2022

Location : Applewood Park, Maplewood 

Clue One

Welcome all to a newfound and exciting chase

Hidden somewhere is a keeper with a fresh face.

Telling stories will surely do you some good

Aim your pointers and pierce the posterior wood.


-First two lines state that this is a new hunt with a new medallion that the finder gets to keep 

-Last two lines are describing William Tell (TELLing stories WILL) and how stories say he shot an apple off the head of his son. The story of the apple in addition to WOOD were meant to give you Applewood on clue one

Clue Two

Brush off your books and bait your fish hooks -

Search for a grandfather tutor with indigo looks

The morel of the story was never to be unfrightened

Rather doing the right thing when afraid should help you be enlightened


-The first to lines are describing a man that has an article written about him in the Maplewood Historical Society. His name was “Grandpa Fisher” and he taught Maplewood residents about the history of the Civil War  after serving with the Boys in Blue. 


-The last two lines describe the moral of the William Tell story. The word “story” was a hint to look back at he previous clue to connect the two 


-Morel was spelled as such because at the time of the hide, there was a brown mushroom on the twisted trees across from where the medallion was. By the end of the hunt that mushroom mysteriously disappeared, making it irrelevant 

Clue Three

Eight curious eyes watch from below the truss.

Obey your orders or face Primus Pilus.

From the colorful heights of the land look down on the water

Head back but make the correct choice in order to be hotter.


-Eight curious eyes was a reference to the four animals that were built into the park pavilion pillars 


-Primus Plus was the name for the senior centurion of the first cohort in a Roman legion. This clue was meant to point to the nearby Century Avenue 


-Colorful heights was the planked platform above the pond at the park 


-The next line was meant to instruct hunters to find the platform and then turn back the way they came which would have brought them back to a split in the trail. Making the correct choice would also be making the right choice, hinting that they should take the right trail at the split

Clue Four

Shoot your shot between the green glens

Search the octadic acreage with all of your friends.

Don’t bring your bike - in most areas forbidden

An area amid dead ends is where the Fish is hidden


-Shoot your shot was a reference to the Saint Paul Police outdoor shooting range that was very close to the park 


-Green Glens was a reference to two streets on both the north and south side of the park named “Ferndale” 


-Octadic acreage just meant that the size of the park was roughly eight acres 


-Don’t bring your bike was a reference to the multiple “no biking” signs along some of the trail entrances 


-An area amid dead ends is pretty self explanatory 

Clue Five

An elemental matter with value to boast

Should guide you to an area that’s easternmost.

Areas to play - areas to survey - areas with tracks in the gray.


-Elemental matter was a reference to two streets - one being Sterling (silver) and the other being Matterhorn that were both right next to the park 


-Area that’s easternmost meant that the park is on the easternmost side of Ramsey County 


-Areas to play meant the playground, areas to survey meant the elevated platform above the pond as well as other areas where one could stop and “survey” the land so to say 

, tracks in the grey meant the many animal tracks and names that had been imprinted in the concrete walking paths around the playground 

Clue Six

The beginning of a new settlement with township size

The first to govern will surely connect some ties.

With coccoid spectacles plus a red and white striped shirt -

An alias that originated across the pond - a man far from overt.


-The whole clue was referencing a man named Waldo Luebben. He was the first Mayor of Maplewood, which used to be known as “New Canada Township” 

-The last two lines were trying to paint a picture of “Where’s Waldo” which originated in the UK under a different name (alias) “Where’s Wally”

Clue Seven

If you hunt through the day you can certainly let your kids play.

The Fish is missing - seek posts with the value of pay

Dual names with wood by their side -

Mark roads that hug a park worthy of the hide.


-Posts with the value of display was a reference to the five posts that had been put on public land with an extra clue that hinted the park was Applewood. Four of the five posts mysteriously disappeared prior to this clue, making it almost completely irrelevant 


-The last two lines were pointing to both Highwood and Linwood streets that roughly bordered the park on the north and south sides 

Clue Eight

Keep a lookout for the tall bird in the reeds

When you take a bite you may have to spit out some seeds.

Abandon the prairie and stay away from the pond

Leave no leaf unturned beneath a certain frond


-The tall bird in the reeds was a reference to the park sign which displays a heron standing in some reeds 


-Taking a bite was meant to get people thinking about an Apple for Applewood 


-Beneath a certain frond was pinpointing the medallion’s hiding spot, directly south of Ferndale street under some leaves 

Clue Nine

If you're feeling left out there's no need to fret

The next few lines should help raise the fish in your net.

On your county maps look to the rising sun -

Then pluck the apple and join in on the fun -

For instructions look back on previous clues

Make the right choice or forever sing the blues


-Rising sun was meant to get anyone that was left behind caught up, telling hunters to look on the East side of Ramsey County


-Pluck the apple was referencing Applewood 


-Look back on previous clues and “right choice” were meant to make hunters look back at the previous clue that used “choice” telling them to take the right path at the split near the colored planks 

Clue Ten

With a plethora of trails for all to wander -

Go north then east or time you’ll squander -

An unusual scene is where you should sweep clean -

To a grove of blanched birkens your eyes should be keen


-Go north then east was completely directional. There were only two paths that pointed north at the start, and one of them was a paved trail that lead you out of the park. It was meant to get hunters to start north on the trail and then take the split path to the east toward the medallion 


-Unusual scene was a reference to the two twisted trees that were across from the medallion, hinting this is where hunters should focus their time and efforts. The twisted trees were amid other white trees in a grove within the forest. I will admit I was humbled a bit, as they were not birch but aspen trees. My mistake but hopefully one that is easily understood 

Clue Eleven

To crack the code go back to the start -

Dots and dashes have been playing a major part -

Embark north of the knobby wall then your first right trail -

Now look close to the twisted trees to find the holy grail


-First two lines stated that morse code has been used throughout each clue, spelling out “It’s Applewood” 


-Last two lines were telling you to go north on the trail just above the rock climbing wall then to go east towards the grove of aspen where the twisted trees were 

Clue Twelve

It’s Applewood Preserve in case you didn’t know

Listen carefully if you want a shot at the dough -

Start at the climbing wall then begin walking north

The street to trace was given in the eighth and the fourth.

Follow the small curve then keep going right

You’ll be well on your way to a hunters delight

Trace straight down on a map from the green dale

Less than a foot away lies the Fish from the trail.


Clue twelve was a step by step instructional clue holding little value aside from the fact that the medallion was hidden less than a foot off of the path 


The 2022 Fish Frenzy Medallion was found shortly after clue twelve by Jesse Barton, with teammate Mike Novak. Their hard work paid off after they were some of the first to correctly solve which park the medallion was in. 

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