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Quest 1 - March 2022

- Location: Pike Lake Trail Park, New Brighton 

The first of five fish came bubbling along the side of the shore,

The Tigerfish observed from high - a trio of trails where someone is destined to score.


Find your way out of dark water if you wish to be successful in this novel hunt,

Lead, follow, or get out of the way! Across from the bandito is the area to confront.


Descend down the icy trail where the benefits are endless,

Rest your fannie in the rocky area near treasure stupendous.


Fish = Pike Lake

Side of the shore = Lakeside Trail 

Observed from high = Highview Drive

Trio of trails = the three trail names within the park 

Out of dark water+ Novel = New Brighton 

Lead..follow… = quote by General Patton = Patton (nicknamed Bandito) street pointing to the park 

Icy trail, benefits are endless =  signs at both entrances to the park 

Fannie = book by Fannie Flagg in the little library


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