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QUEST 2 - March 2022

Location: O'Leary Park, Eagan


The suspicious seagull circles far above, observing that X marks the spot,

Between the middle of this fiery town and the wooded waterfowl, the Snakehead is snagged somewhere in this plot.

The key to this hunt is peace, in order to find the Giant take the smaller path between the two,

Head towards the strait to untangle the prize, in sight of the lonely span is your last and final clue.


Suspicious = Leary 

Seagull circles = Kittiwake Circle 

Above .. X marks the spot = Apartments shaped like an X next to the park 

Fiery = Eagan meaning 

Between the + wooded waterfowl = Town Centre Drive and Duckwood Trail 

Key + peace = two art pieces with a peace symbol and a key. The path where the fish was hidden was between these two off the trail in line with the only bridge in the park

Image 8-28-23 at 7.50 PM.jpeg
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