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QUEST 3 - March 2022

Location: Steamboat Park, Afton


Along the wooded bluffs and protected scenery, the lovely Catfish glides through the crystal stream.

Abate most options with a simple trick, once you have it your face will surely beam.

Between two affluents will be the area to search, make sure you go all the way with LBJ.

Alternating sides will be in line, watch your step as you search for the cache.


Wooded bluffs and protected scenery = Found on Afton’s website 

Lovely catfish glides through the crystal stream = from “Sweet Afton” poem by Robert Burns for which Afton is named after 

Abate most = Anagram for Steamboat 

Between two affluents = two small streams that dump into the St Croix on either side of the park 

Go all the way with LBJ = 36th Street for Lindon Johnson (36th president) 

Alternating sides = seesaw right off a trial pointing to the treasure 

Watch your step = the multiple downed logs you had to step over 

AABA = the beginning of each line, which stands for all the businesses that make up Historic Afton (Afton Area Business Association)

Hint 1

The best time to search is in the evening or afternoon,

Take a break from your search and grab a treat by the blistery pontoon.

Switch some characters around where you’ve been tricked,

Look back to the original and study the beginnings of the script.


Afternoon/evening = definition of Afton 

Treat = Selma’s Ice cream parlor 

Blistery pontoon = Windmill Marina 

Switch some characters around = Anagram in clue 1

Hint 2

Search along the mighty river for the steamy barge,

Then find the seesaw that is substantially large.

Look to the west if you want to be a winner,

Then reach down and up if you want some Catfish dinner.


Mighty river = Mississippi River 

Seesaw = plank on top of a log that operated the same as a seesaw. It pointed to the hiding spot 

Steamy barge = Steamboat Park 

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