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QUEST 4 - April 2022

Location : Briarwood Nature Area



Explore the land of Father Louis for the fourth out of five,

Come together as one if you wish to survive.

Travel down between two feathered friends but don’t forget your best one,

Hundreds of prickly plants were just burned in the yellow morning sun.

Search within the groove when you think you have the correct area,

There you’ll find the Arapiama underneath bark, awaiting hunter hysteria.


Come together as one = Unity Ave N 

Travel down between two feathered friends = small footpath between a toucan and owl 

Best one/friend = Basset Creek (Basset hound) 

Hundreds = Highway 100 

Prickly plants = Briar definition 

Yellow = Golden (Valley) 

Morning sun = Dawnview Terrace 

Groove = Valley (Golden Valley) 

Area = Briarwood Nature Area 

Lastly, the third line describes the controlled buckthorn burning that happened a few days ago within the park


Feeling stumped?

Head over to the treasured valley in order to be warm,

Then find a tree-covered area in nature and descend on the fish like a swarm.

Follow your nose! It always knows the best morning snack,

You would not believe your yellow eyes if ten million fireflies flew around in a pack.


Stumped = at the base of the stump 

Treasured valley = Golden Valley 

Area in nature = Briarwood Nature Area 

“Follow your nose! It always knows best” = Toucan Sam slogan for the toucan in a tree 

“You would not believe your yellow eyes…in a pack” = Partial quote from the song Fireflies by Owl City for the yellow-eyed owl. These two birds were on either side of the path where the fish was.

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