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QUEST 5 - April 2022

Location : Lion's Levee Park 


Clean your swords and books then park near the front line,

Water was created six days prior by an act from the divine.

Land is surrounded near the east side so let your spirit soar from above,

Legacy waits near the test of endurance, now gather your kits in a group and do what you love.


Swords and Books = Symbols of Saint Paul 

“Then park” = Saint Paul Park 

Front line = Front Street 

Water was created on the second day, 2+6 = 8 th street 

East side = East Side Auto down the road 

Let your spirit soar from above = Text from a bench at the park 

Test of endurance = Marathon Oil Refinery next to the park 

Kits in a group = The term for baby beavers, the fish was next to a tree that had been chewed down by a beaver 

The words at the beginning of each line are also on a sign in the park.

Hint One

Hidden near a harbor the piranha lays in wait,

Make sure you’re near a factory and bring enough bait.

Deeds, not words, will get you closer to the spot,

Add in some courage to ensure that you’re hot.


Hidden near a harbor = Hidden Harbor Marina next to the park 

Near a factory = factory street 

Deeds, not words = Part of a famous George Washington quote, stating it’s in Washington County 

Courage = Lion(s Levee Park)

Hint Two

Drive your Chevy to the levee where the surroundings are far from dry,

Walk down and across the bridge for your final try.

Find an area marked by colonies, kits, and families to ensure victory,

Then put an end to this series and proclaim your valedictory.


Levee = Lions levee park which is surrounded by water 

Colonies, kits, and families = collective nouns that describe groups of beavers 

End = at the end of the park

Hint Three

Saint Paul Park is the city of gold,

Now follow the clues and do what you’re told.

Kastor collectives have paved the treasure’s way,

Look close to the bright vessel that sits in the bay.


Kastor means “Beaver” in greek. The fish was next to a tree that had been chewed up by a beaver. 

Bright vessel = a yellow boat visible from the spot of the hide

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