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QUEST 6 - June 2022

Location : River Front Park, Inver Grove Heights 


Fly to an area marked by raindrops of metal, double check by looking where Irish and German used to settle.

Don’t get left behind, run to the start of the line!

Use algebraic tallying with Christ to find a value divine.

Stay near a watery road to be sure, five fish lay in wait for hunters to secure.


Fly + raindrops of metal = the B-52 Bomber that crash landed in MN, spreading chunks and pieces across the city of Inver Grove Heights 

Irish and Germans were some of the first to settle in Inver Grove 

Start of the line = the Front (River Front Park) 

Algebraic Tallying with Christ: C=3, H=8, R=18, I=9, S=19, T=20. Add these numbers together and you get 77, for 77th street that points right to the park 

Watery Road = River Road next to the park

Hint One

As the bomber fell from the air, the crew must have been full of despair.

You’ll want to be in the front of the pack in order to secure a fish,

Three is to C..solve the rest to grant your wish.

Search alone or grab a buddy, you’ll want to look next to the Big Muddy.


See above explanations for the solve to Hint One

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