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Quest 7 - February 2023

Location : Bur Oaks Park, Eagan


Bask in some sun today, in a town with a ~three year old logo

Over the rolling hills, in a park that shares name with a pond

Play an intense match, parking that here should be a no-no

The Red Fish waits there, along with four tokens to abscond


~three year old logo = Eagan’s logo was recently designed. On their city website, they state it was to be completed sometime during 2019, making it approximately (~) three years old

Rolling hills = Rolling Hills Drive right next to the park

Shares name = Bur Oaks Pond right within the park

Match = tennis courts

Parking that there should be a no-no = if you zoom alllllllll the way in on Google maps, you can see a red truck parked on a trail within the park. That spot was the pinpoint for the Redfish

Red = triple meaning for the type of fish hidden, Red Oak Drive near the park, and the color of the truck that pinpointed the spot of the fish

FIRST letter of the first three lines = BOP = Bur Oaks Park

Image 9-6-23 at 8.00 PM.jpeg
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